About Women & their Microbes

Who We Are

Goal: To help all women achieve the best possible health through microbial management throughout their life, starting with birth and moving through puberty up to menopause and beyond; accomplished through presentation and  translation of knowledge among scientists and healthcare professionals coupled with discussions to enhance awareness and action.

Women & their Microbes (WtM) is scientific conference, established in 2015, that works to promote knowledge about the essential role of microbes in women’s health. It offers an unique knowledge platform in the form of an annual scientific conference for clinicians and academics to discuss cutting-edge research of female-related microbial conditions. This is not solely about discussing knowledge, but also to creating action and initiations that allow regarding the importance of microbes for women’s health.


A healthy woman, a healthy baby, a healthy generation.

Women have arguably the largest impact on global health because of their role in reproduction and childbearing. To be able to positively affect the health of a mother by default ensures greater health potential for her children. Scientific research continues to highlight the importance of microbes in a number of areas of human health. Perhaps a more important and necessary outcome of these pieces of knowledge are developments that have and will enable the scientific and medical communities to understand and harness the potential of microbes to affect health.

  • Every mother is entitled to a healthy pregnancy.
  • Every baby has the right to a healthy microbial inheritance.
  • Every child deserves healthy microbial and physical development.
  • Every person is worthy of healthy aging.


1. Knowledge Leadership

Develop into a credible resource for information on microbial management in women’s health.

2. Knowledge Integration

Promote multidisciplinary integration of microbial management principles and strategies.

3. Awareness and Advocacy

Amplify its societal impact by empowering key stakeholdersto deliver on their health promises to women.