The importance of women in public health cannot be over-emphasized. As more research continues to highlight the role of microbes in women’s health, the relevance of this unique scientific conference and research community becomes all the more essential.

This year’s annual meeting in Amsterdam on Friday, June 2, 2017 zoomed in on 7 unique female microbiomes, the first-time such combinatorial scientific viewpoint was presented on a scientific platform. The lectures explored health aspects and influences on female-specific microbiomes including the oral cavity, skin, breast, gut, bladder, vagina, estrobiome, and the ellusive male factor, the penile microbiome. Specific emphasis were given to how external factors (such as toothpaste, crèmes, antibiotics, tampons, stress, and sexual intercourse) affected and influenced the stability of these niches.

A healthy woman, a healthy baby, a healthy generation”.

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