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International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) is an international non-profit collaboration of scientists dedicated to advancing the science of probiotics and prebiotics.

Goals of the Gut flora Foundation are to facilitate and disseminate scientific evidence to healthcare professionals through events and to stimulate new discussion and research.

Canadian Menopause Society / Société Canadienne de Ménopause (CMS/SCM) is a multidisciplinary group of family physicians, specialists and healthcare professionals who are interested in menopausal and postmenopausal health. Our mission is to advance the health of women at and beyond the menopause transition through education initiatives and knowledge transfer.

The mission of the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation is to reduce suffering and improve quality of life by providing trusted, accessible, and accurate information about digestive health and disease. They are a trusted provider of practical, unbiased, and science-based information directly connected to Canada’s leading digestive health experts, physicians, scientists and other health care professionals.

The Hamilton Family Health Team is the largest Health Team in the province and serve more than half of the people living in the City of Hamilton. They consist of 166 family doctors and over 250 other health care professionals such as nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, psychiatrists, and mental health counsellors. They envision “A Healthier Hamilton” and strive to provide excellent, comprehensive and collaborative primary health care to achieve the best possible health and quality of life for their community. In addition to giving one-on-one care, the Hamilton Family Health Team also offers many group-based health programs. They also collaborate with many other organizations in Hamilton to provide care to their community.

Officially founded in 1899, The Hamilton Academy of Medicine is a local voluntary professional association. The Academy binds the medical community of the Greater Hamilton Area, promoting a spirit of cooperation and unity, while meeting the educational, social and political needs of its members.

The Academy acts at the territorial branch society of District 4 of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) providing a full range of programs, services and benefits to assist Member physicians. We have more than 700 Members.

Beneficial Microbes is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with a specific area of focus: the promotion of the science of microbes beneficial to the health and wellbeing of man and animal.

The creation of ‘Beneficial Microbes’ witnesses the continuous and intensive interest in the scientific community for this multi-faceted subject area, and of the many activities that take place, e.g. those undertaken by international organisations such as Women and their Microbes. The journal aims to bring together those active in various disciplines and to offer a platform for the publication of scientific work on beneficial microbes, and for the discussion and debate of its contents. Therefore, Beneficial Microbes commits as a 2019 media affiliate of this event to inform scientific, industry and regulatory stakeholders on the latest developments in this field.

Beneficial Microbes also hosts its own conference. BMC2018 will provide an overview of the latest pre- and probiotics research and their importance to human and animal health across the lifespan, with special attention to the emerging research areas of the mycobiome and the virome. A creative dedicated session will discuss specific pre- and probiotic research topics from both a human and an animal perspective to get a better understanding of the differences/similarities as to determine the way forward.

International Scientific Conference (IPC) is the worldwide biggest scientific conference that focuses on probiotics, prebiotics, gut microbiota and health. At IPC leading scientists from industry and academia present current advances in understanding and influencing the interaction between gut microbiota and human health. The goal of conference is to provide a scientific forum for all stakeholders of probiotics, prebiotics and gut health and to enable the interactive exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge. The conference is focused on evidence-based benefits, health claims proven in scientific experiments and clinical trials.

Founded in 1983, the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO) is a growing not-for profit organisation and forum of more than 3,400 professionals from across Europe and all around the world, dedicated to promoting the highest quality of care for women with gynaecological cancers.

ESGO organizes the 21st European Gynaecological Oncology Congress from November 2-5, 2019 in Athens, Greece. ESGO 2019 offers a unique 4 days educational experience to learn and discuss the latest medical and scientific developments in gynaecological cancers research, treatment and care.

The Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Institute was established in 2008 replacing McMaster University’s Intestinal Disease Research Program that had been in existence since 1984. The Institute’s vision is to better understand and treat, and ultimately cure, the most common categories of intestinal illness that burden our society: inflammatory, functional and diet-induced disorders.

The Institute pursues its vision by adopting an integrated multidisciplinary approach that encompasses bench-to-bedside research and involves close collaborations between clinicians, clinician-scientists and basic scientists. The vision also mandates the provision of the best possible experience that will enable our trainees to pursue successful careers in the academic and private sectors. Knowledge translation is a key aspect of our vision, serving to inform the public of advances in our understanding of digestive diseases, and to increase awareness of the burden of these diseases on our society.

Collaboration of partners supporting education of health care professional in the filed of probiotics. AEProbio provides support for publishing and distribution of Clinical Guide to Probiotics, a reference tool designed for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, and other allied health care providers.

The Clinical Guide to Probiotic Products Available in Canada and the USA is an independent, evidence-based, unbiased evaluation of probiotic products currently available in their respective markets. The aim of this Guide is to function as a clinical tool to assist healthcare providers in understanding and recommending probiotic products available in Canada and the USA.

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