This Conference is not only the first of its kind, but is a knowledge event that attracts cutting-edge/high quality information and key opinion leaders in women's health. Other reasons to consider sponsoring are to:

  • Discover the latest research in women's health
  • Discuss opportunities with clinicians and scientists in women’s health
  • Network with key opinion leaders and decision-makers
  • Develop new ideas and collaborative relationships
  • Explore potential new product applications and ideas

We invite and welcome any interested organizations to contact us for more information about business opportunities at womenmicrobes@gmail.com.

Please note that in an effort to remain objective, sponsors have no direct influence on the program's scientific content; this is determined by the Executive Board, the Scientific Advisory Board and the Organizing Committee.

2017 Initiating Sponsor

Winclove Probiotics 

2017 Silver Sponsor


Winclove Probiotics, established in Amsterdam, has been specializing in research, development and manufacturing of probiotic formulations for over 25 years. In close collaboration with business partners, research institutes and university hospitals, the company develops effective microbiota management solutions.

Winclove is working towards a healthier future for people and society. We enable people to rebalance their microbiome through indication-specific probiotic formulations. Winclove’s flagship brand Ecologic® consists of a range of clinically-proven multispecies probiotics developed for specific microbiota-related disturbances such as reduction of antibiotic-associated side effects, prevention of allergies and prevention of (recurrent) vaginal Candida infections.

Winclove Probiotics is committed to developing high quality probiotic products that improve health naturally and enable people all around the world to rebalance their microbiome.

MyMicroZoo™ offers microbiome analysis and web-based tools to gather meta-data (e.g. age, health-status, exercise logs, etc.) as service to the general public, allowing them to gain knowledge and understanding of their microbiota through an innovative platform. Results are distributed to the customers via web-based applications that are custom designed for easy access.

MyMicroZoo™ offers services to research organizations and companies that are planning research activities in the field of gut microbiota. They can avail of the MyMicroZoo™ community database to approach specific user groups or define their own. MyMicroZoo™ offers the infrastructure and logistics to conduct the proposed research. Currently, the company offers analysis services for the fecal and vaginal microbiome, and is developing a skin microbiome analysis service.