EXPERTISE | Women & their Microbes will play host to scientific leaders, clinicians, and industry representatives, providing focal points to discuss clinical advancements, research opportunities and big questions in women’s health.

SPEAKER LINE-UP | Our program contains nine 30-minute presentations from world-renowned experts in the female microbiota and women’s health, including Dr. Gregor Reid and Dr. Raina Fichorova.

MICROPIA | It opened in October 2014 and is quickly becoming popular as the world’s first microbial zoo. All participants will have free access to Micropia and guided tours are available after the symposium.

CUTTING-EDGE WORK | Research on the female microbiota is gaining momentum, so take advantage of the opportunity to hear about where the field is going and how it can support clinical practice.

6+ HOURS OF CONTENT | Immerse yourself in hot topics from the program such as vaginal microbiota and infections, the use of probiotics, and the breast microbiota. Plus, don't miss presentations on female-specific clinical issues, microbial manipulation, and tools/technology for practical clinical application.

JOIN THE DEBATE | Dr. Gregor Reid will host the open discussion forum where speakers and attendees will discuss their views on the ONE things that should happen to benefit women’s health.

PHD DEFENCE | The symposium is being organized in conjunction with the PhD defense of Jessica Younes on May 6th, 2015 at the University of Groningen; her manuscript is entitled, “Biophysical Interactions of Vaginal Microorganisms”.

RELEVANCE | If you are a woman, were born from a woman, or know a woman, then this symposium is has very high relevance for your life and work!

NETWORKING | Ample opportunity for discussion, including 2 coffee breaks, lunch and a drink reception. Meet old friends, make new ones, and form lasting relationships for the future.

LIMITED SPACES | Please note that due to the uniqueness of this symposium, availability at Women & their Microbes is strictly limited. Registration is very affordable and will be performed on a first come, first served basis and includes refreshments at breaks, lunch, drinks at the reception and free entrance to Micropia.